Arp String Ensemble

The Arp/Solina String Ensemble is the iconic swirly-toned, 49 key keyboard string synth of the 70's. It can be heard in many TV and film scores, as well as pop music. It has unlimited polyphony (all the keys can play at once) and 3 BBD lines are used to create the chorus or "ensemble" effect. The same technology was used in the Eminent's 310U Organ (Solina was a sort of a brand of Eminent) used by Jean-Michel Jarre in his Oxygen album but with the addition of a Electroharmonix Small Stone phaser pedal which are very commonly used on string machine keyboards. They were distributed in the US by Arp and are branded The Arp String Ensemble but are essentially the same. The best example of a Solina can be heard in the Air track Le Soleil Est Près de Moi. Our String Ensemble is an Arp branded SE-IV which means it is stereo, with switchable on/off chorus, and power LED.

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