Welcome to Deep Signal Studios, a place where we believe analog is better. Our vintage synthesizer, drum machine, and sampler tracking studio is located in Long Beach, California. We also provide music and audio production services, midi sequencer/DAW file conversion, and rental of electronic musical instruments.

Juno 60 and Jupiter 8

Vintage Synthesizer Recording Studio in Long Beach, California

Replace soft synths with real vintage analog synthesizers to add greater character and weight to your tracks. Book your time now.
keyboard synthesizers and organs in Los Angeles and Orange County

Vintage Synthesizer Rentals: Los Angeles and Orange County, California

We provide rental of Hammond Organs, Leslie speakers, sound modules, drum machines, effects processors, guitar pedals, vintage synthesizer keyboards and more. Free delivery available on select items. Watch a video about rentals.
Vision to Pro Tools

DAW and Sequencer File Conversion

We convert Vision, Studio Vision Pro, Cubase, Abeton Live, Logic, Digital Orchestrator and many more project files into Standard Midi Files, or a host of other DAW/Sequencer file formats. We also convert Galaxy banks or bundles into standard midi files.

spectrum analyser

Audio Restoration & Media Transfers

Deep Signal Studios proudly offers full audio restoration services to repair, clean up and enhance any audio material. We also transfer audio from Alesis ADAT, Tascam DTRS, DAT, Cassette, Vinyl, Reel-to-Reel or digital files from floppy disks to modern formats.
vintage synthesizer keyboards

Vintage Synthesizer Recordings

Provide Midi files and receive back a studio quality recording of your track using any of our synthesizers. Over 30 vintage analog synthesizers and other instruments to choose from.

Rent Vintage Synths

Rent Vintage Synths, Drum Machines, Samplers, Effects Processors, and more in LA/OC

We offer a wide variety of vintage synthesizers and keyboards including:

Tape Transfers

Archival Services

1/4 inch tape machine and reel
We can transfer ADAT tapes, DA88 tapes, DAT tapes, 1/4 inch analog, and more to .wav, .aiff files or full Pro Tools sessions. We can also fix 90's Pro Tools sessions to be read by current versions. Accepting orders worldwide.

File Conversion

Opcode Vision, Voyetra, Texture, and more

Vision to Pro Tools
We bring your vintage sequencer project file up to date for use in modern DAWs and sequencers. We convert Opcode Vision, Studio Vision, Vision DSP, EZVision, Musicshop, and Galaxy bank/bundles to standard midi files for use with modern software. We can also convert Magnetic Music's Texture, Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold, Logic Audio Platinum 4.7, Alesis MMT8, and Roland MC500.